Shot Blasting and the Industries That Use the Methods Available to Them

Essential In Sandblasting

While there are many types of abrasives available on the market, shot blasting using a garnet abrasivegarnet abrasive is essential that is derived from either Andradite or Almandite deposits. The mineral is necessary for sandblasting applications. Garnet helps in the creation of a virtually embedment free profile, which is excellent for coating adhesion and for applications where little or no transfer of grit is to be tolerated. Many industries use the garnet for shot blasting due to its outstanding qualities and ability to polish various kinds of surfaces. This article will discuss the purposes of shot blasting and the industries that use the methods available to them.

To restore metal to original quality

Shot blasting helps to give a fresh finish to a metal part. The method does not make blemishes hidden, but it creates an entirely new surface of the metal making it appear the same way as it was when new.

The use of a garnet abrasive in corrosion removal

Shot blasting helps to remove layers of rust, and other impurities that build up on the metal surface. The presence of such layers on the metal surface affects the performance of metal thereby rendering it useless. Shot blasting helps restore the functionally of corroded metal surfaces.

To give a specific finish to parts

Shot blasting can be used to give products a specific finish, look as well as texture based on the qualities of the shot used. As such, industries use shot blasting to produce products with certain characteristics as needed by the product users.

To save time and cost

Another purpose industries use shot blasting, is to save time and resources. Shot blasting can be fully automated thus requires less labor. Moreover, automation makes the process take the shortest time possible to complete. The industries that use shot blasting are thus better placed as far as meeting customer urgency and demands is concerned. In conclusion, the efficiency of every productive process is determined by the cost incurred as well as the quality of output produced. Shot blasting using a garnet abrasive is an inexpensive process that delivers high-quality output.